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Our Business:

  • Compound annual revenue growth of over 30% since 2006
  • Premier office locations around the world in London, Beijing, Paris, and New York City.
  • More than 550 employees worldwide
  • More than 20 nationalities represented in-house
  • Dynamic and experienced teams with extensive and diverse backgrounds

Our Values:

  • Innovation: Our goal is to anticipate market needs and offer new software solutions tailored to the needs of our clients. Our teams work together to ensure eFront remains at the forefront of technology innovation trends.
  • International openness: Today eFront serves more than 700 clients in over 40 countries. eFront’s rapid business development, notably at the international level, offers significant opportunities for advancement and mobility worldwide.
  • Excellence: Analyst firms, such as Cutter Associates in the United States, rank our alternative investment solutions among the best on the market. We are the number one software solution provider in the fund administration market with significant market share of this segment in Europe.

    Our R&D staff are graduates of the best engineering schools, universities and business schools. Excellence is promoted at eFront through fulfilling working conditions and training tailored to the needs of each employee.

Our Commitment to Equal Opportunity :

    Equal opportunity in the workplace and the promotion of diversity during the recruitment process are part of the fundamental values of the company. To this effect, eFront is committed to the equal treatment of all, from job applicant selection to the evaluation and evolution of each employee.

  • Diversity: At eFront, "international" does not only mean opening offices around the world: nearly 20 nationalities are represented in our Paris office alone. This diversity creates a particularly enriching work environment.
  • Gender: eFront is committed to ensuring that the recruitment process is free of discriminatory measures, and ensures that professional evaluation criteria and access to training or any other benefit is identical for every employee.
  • Age: Since 2009, eFront has a strong commitment regarding age diversity in the workplace and values generational differences.
  • Disability: eFront’s job postings are open to all candidates. Over the past two years the company has increased the number of employees with disabilities.