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FrontInvest Business Partners

4vco is the leading provider of consultancy services to private equity operations. It provides expert, independent advice to a wide range of private equity businesses that are looking to improve their internal systems and operations.


Family Office Metrics is the leading provider of technology, operations and strategic consulting to the family office marketplace.

Family Office Metrics focuses exclusively on the family office to provide business and technology solutions that help family offices better serve their clients.


Flyzone provides advice and support services for Alternative Investment Operations. From assessment portfolio and change management to implementation and post operational support.

Founded in 2003 and based in the Netherlands, Flyzone is about one thing, and one thing only: making decisions. With its independent Alternative Investment Operations Consulting, Flyzone guides their clients from a hard impact to a soft landing. Steering their business requirements towards system implementation by minimizing risk of failure and making the right decisions when implementing and optimizing their alternative investment operations.


IT-Venture is a boutique technical consultancy firm specialising in IT project advisory, implementation and reporting services to the alternative investment industry.

With an in-depth working knowledge of the eFront technologies, IT-Venture ensures clients get optimal use of the application suite specific to their bespoke requirements. Our expertise include report writing/data warehousing, reporting strategy, data migration, accounting best practices, software customisation, technical consultancy, training and system administration.


Lionpoint Group is a global advisory firm with a unique focus on the alternative investments industry. Their business model combines the talents of industry leaders and experts in service delivery to assist clients in achieving operational efficiencies and excellence through optimization of organization structure, business processes and enabling technology implementations. They provide project-based services in several key areas including business consulting, technology solutions, and end-to-end operational improvement.


LDS specializes in strategic decision systems, program structuring, corporate governance and risk management solutions for institutional investors in private equity and provides tested solutions to help its clients to optimize their decision system.


Methys is an international Technology and Business Performance Management Consulting firm with operations in France, UK, South Africa and Tunisia. Methys is focused on customer success, driving maximum business performance. Leveraging on partnerships with key technology providers and a rich set of methodologies blending functional and technological excellence, the passion of Methys people is about giving you the means to enhance the performance of your business.


Peracs is a leading provider of independent track record performance certification services for alternative investments driven by more than a decade’s pioneering research developed by the company’s world recognized founder, Professor Oliver Gottschalg. Since 2004 we have helped investors achieve a better understanding of the value drivers behind private equity investments and, subsequently, to make better investment decisions. PERACS provides private equity investors with powerful, independent and credible indicators to identify relevant and insightful performance and strategy differentiators on a real time basis. Our mission is to enhance the efficiency of fundraising and fund due diligence processes through a comprehensive set of impactful, standardized, formulaic and data-driven metrics to capture performance, risk and strategy of private equity fund investments on a quarterly basis. Since 2013, PERACS clients had fundraising closes in excess of USD 60B.


RealFoundations is a full-service management consultancy focused exclusively on companies in the real estate industry and the real estate function of large corporations.

Solution2Markets (S2M) accompanies business software vendor’s founders, Private Equity or Venture Capital firms willing to support their portfolio companies through growth in strategic emerging markets with limited risks.
S2M’s core business lies in solution selling to Large Accounts as final customers, working with renowned software providers dedicated to financial services & others industries to create their full-fledged local sales BUs or local sales representatives/subsidiaries in attractive emerging markets like Russia or Singapore for instance.


Technology partners

Gold Certified Partners are the top level of Microsoft solutions partners and have access to the tools and support they need to help them stand out in the marketplace.


The innovative, industry-leading Oracle Database delivers the highest levels of performance, scalability, and reliability in the market today. Powerful Database Options provide enhanced availability and scalability and Oracle Database enables us to securely maintain service levels as our business grows.


eFront, the leading actor in its industry, is a member of several private equity associations worldwide in order to promote its expertise in different countries.

The Brazilian Private Equity and Venture Capital Association is a non-profit organization founded in 2000 that represents the industry and promotes the development of long-term investments. In 11 years of existence, ABVCAP has helped to improve industry conditions for GPs and LPs, advance understanding about the industry and promote best practices that are aligned with international industry standards.

ABVCAP´s membership includes more than 180 members, representing key active players in the Brazilian private equity and venture capital community. ABVCAP members comprise institutional investors including Brazil´s major pension funds, local and international general partners and service providers among others.



The main objectives of the SAVCA Association are to promote the venture capital (VC) and private equity (PE) profession in Southern Africa, to develop and stimulate professional and transactional VC and PE investments and to collect and circulate information in the country. Other goals include encouraging and maintaining contacts within the membership, and contributing to the management development of investors and investees.