eFront Investor Cloud (EIC)

eFronteFront Investor Cloud (EIC)

eFront Investor Cloud

The Power of ANALYTICS

Why eFront Investor Cloud?

Investor organizations of all kinds—pension funds, sovereign wealth funds, fund of funds, family offices—share a common source of anguish: they spend considerable time and effort collecting and transforming data from their asset managers so that they can measure the risks and analyze the performance of their alternative investments. Just getting to the point of being able to generate a simple graphical IRR comparison report requires considerable effort. And, investors need to do this every quarter. And for smaller teams, they simply cannot provide any sophisticated reports to their management or clients. This time and effort would be better spent analyzing portfolio performance and risk, and ensuring optimal returns.

How can eFront Investor
Cloud help you?

Rely on eFront Investor Cloud (EIC) to collect your quarterly portfolio data.

Investors can rely on EIC’s secure and optimized online platform, resulting in accurate, standardized data made available more quickly.

Our platform also provides online dashboards and reports for powerful data analysis.

Value added for LPs

EIC enables an investor to focus on high value tasks—EIC handles the work associated with collecting and harmonizing data received from asset managers. With data produced by EIC, an investor can conduct portfolio-wide analyses that previously may not have been possible.

  • Communicate deadlines, updates and other alerts to asset managers
  • Digest documents in any format—from an AltExchange-compliant file to a specific template
  • Benefit from validation rules and enforceable workflow Integrate data into your portfolio monitoring system
Save time and effort with the collection and transformation by EIC of fund manager data into standard or custom templates



Sending out documents and data manually is costly and error prone

Obtain portfolio data sooner and with improved accuracy

Save Cost
and Time

Managing investor requests is stressful and time consuming

Save costs by using fewer resources for labor-intensive data-processing tasks


Inefficient tools struggle to meet increased reporting demands

Minimize errors by eliminating the need to make manual updates

Make the
Safe Choice

Inefficient tools struggle to meet increased reporting demands

Minimize errors by eliminating the need to make manual updates


No scalability as volume of information sharing grows

Quickly scale to handle any volume of quarterly performance data-processing tasks


Sensitive information requires secure delivery and full audit controls

Obtain portfolio data sooner and with improved accuracy

eFront Investor Cloud is a set of core services which use technology as appropriate, liberating an LP organization from having to perform these tasks

Asset managers can log on to the platform and upload quarterly reports using standard Excel files or AltExchange-formatted documents.


Unfortunately for an investor, fund managers often do not deliver data in the format specified by the investor. eFront teams transform data into EIC standardized templates. If an investor needs any custom metrics or other data that is not in EIC standardized templates, EIC can accommodate these needs.


The skilled eFront teams of data analysts use rules embedded in the platform to check and validate data. This process helps to ensure that data provided to investors is as accurate as possible.


Once EIC teams have populated and validated the EIC standardized templates for each fund manager, the eFront Investor Cloud Portal is used to securely transfer the data to the investor. EIC can provide consolidated data in both Excel format and database format that can be uploaded in the investor’s portfolio monitoring system. EIC provides also powerful dashboards and reports to review the risks and analyze performance of the investments.