eFront Benchmarking

eFront Benchmarking

eFront Benchmarking is a SaaS-based performance monitoring and benchmark analysis solution designed for private equity investors and fund managers


eFront Benchmarking for Limited Partners

eFront Benchmarking empowers alternative asset investors such as limited partners to efficiently analyze the performance of their private equity fund investments. Leveraging eFront Benchmarking’s pre-built reporting library and real-time, multi-dimensional filtering capability, users can analyze their portfolio at their convenience, instead of manipulating spreadsheet models for analysis. Investment teams are thus enabled to focus more time on high value, strategic decision making.

eFront Benchmarking’s integrated benchmarking solution further enables LPs to make better investment and portfolio-balancing decisions. Integrating your funds investment performance with the benchmark, investors can understand where their private equity investments rank against an accurate benchmark, tailored to their exact investment strategy. eFront Benchmarking’s benchmark data is uniquely comprised entirely of LP cash flows.

eFront Benchmarking gives investment committees peace of mind and confidence in their processes by using consistent methodologies, unbiased results and vastly reducing operational risk by removing the reliance on spreadsheets.

eFront Benchmarking increases the consistency and quality of data, offering one place to centrally view and analyze investment performance. Relying on the centralized data, eFront Benchmarking can be used for quick on-demand data requests that would have historically been computed using Excel. Reporting data is even available remotely, which makes it invaluable for use in presenting pitchbooks during fundraising.

eFront Benchmarking is SaaS-based, enabling users to start using the platform right away – with little set-up or configuration needed.

LPs using the eFront Benchmarking will:

  • Increase efficiency and accuracy by reducing time spent on analysis
  • Decrease risk with a better understanding of an investment portfolio
  • Be able to more quickly evaluate new investment opportunities

For more details on the eFront Benchmarking platform, visit www.pevara.com.