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Centralize and manage information with comprehensive CRM and contact management software

The FrontInvest Contact Management module offers a rich set of capabilities for managing contact information and related documents. Users can quickly view business interactions, meetings, and tasks across an entire organization. This capability streamlines business processes such as investor relations, deal & investment pipeline management, and portfolio management. Detailed capabilities include:

  • Calendar and agenda management
  • Integrated, full-text search across document content (not just file name or other metadata)
  • Detailed contacts directory with pop-up information displayed for people and companies when the user mouses over a field
  • Map of contact relationships and bi-directional associations with other objects such as deals, companies and funds
  • Activities, task and appointment management with complete history and the ability to add notes with rich text formatting
  • Drag and drop to add content to FrontInvest including files, and contacts (from Microsoft Outlook)
  • Document versioning

Integrate with Microsoft Outlook and LinkedIn

Users of Microsoft ® Outlook™ can use the FrontOutlook add-in to directly access data in FrontInvest. Contacts, appointments and emails can be sent to FrontInvest without requiring the user to leave Outlook.

FrontInvest users can connect to LinkedIn™ to obtain the most current contact and company information directly from LinkedIn™ from within the Contact and Company pages in FrontInvest. With a single click, users can add new contacts or company information directly from LinkedIn.  

Synchronize FrontInvest with Microsoft Exchange

Another powerful extension of FrontInvest’s contact management capabilities is the ability to seamlessly synchronize contacts, appointments and tasks between FrontInvest and Microsoft Exchange.