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“The challenge is the amount of data” – MB Fund Administration

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Sylvain Makaya, Chief Financial Officer at Euromezzanine

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Jose Grincho, Associate Director at European Investment Fund Association


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Cyril Demaria – Co-investments

Cyril Demaria, Executive Director at UBS, and keynote speaker at eFront’s Annual Client Conference 2014 discusses co-investments – motivation, execution, risks and returns

eFront founder & CEO Olivier Dellenbach announces the Acquisition of AnalytX

Olivier Dellenbach, talks about trends in private equity

TABB TV, The State of Private Equity Benchmarks, Eric Bernstein COO eFront North America
source: TabbGroup

TABB TV, The SEC rules on Form PF and the impact on Private Equity, Eric Bernstein COO eFront North America
source: TabbGroup



FrontPM – Portfolio Monitoring Today

Now available! The market’s newest solution for portfolio monitoring and reporting: FrontPM – Save time. Ensure consistency. Enhance analysis.

Pevara: Revolutionizing how limited partners evaluate their private equity investments



LDS Partners engineering solutions for managing illiquid assets – has partnered with eFront in designing eFront’s risk management module, comprising cash flow and return forecasting, as well as value at risk assessment tools and stress testing scenarios for private equity portfolios of funds.

Gurus and crystal ball-gazers love to make their New Year predictions seem both easy and certain. For professional investors, the future is seldom so clear. However, it need not be entirely unquantifiable.

Video 1: What if investment assumptions are not fulfilled due to unforeseen or external events?

This video demonstrates how LDS experts rely on the eFront Risk Management Module to quantify the impact of external or unforeseen events on a fund investors’ initial investment assumptions. What makes this approach to portfolio stress testing compelling is its ability to seamlessly incorporate your organization’s existing market intelligence by modeling qualitative as well as macro factors on the behavior of a portfolio of funds.

LDS webinar 1

Video 2: Should I buy at the requested price an interest in a fund currently in the secondary market?

This video shows how the eFront Risk Management Module uses a cash-flow evolution to quantify the impact of a secondary investment on the liquidity and returns of the overall portfolio of funds, allowing the investor to make an informed decision on the price.

LDS webinar 2

Video3: A secondary offer for my portfolio, take it or leave it?

This video explains how to assess the attractiveness of a secondary offer for a portfolio of private equity funds. Using the module’s sophisticated cash flow forecasting, you derive the economic value and liquidity of your portfolio hence calculating the probabilities for achieving your liquidity requirements and your return preferences. Any offer can subsequently be benchmarked against these.

LDS webinar 3

Video 4: Dynamic Planning and Monitoring of Private Equity Portfolio

This video demonstrates how the eFront Risk management module may help asset managers plan & monitor their private equity portfolio, creating efficient scenarios and simulating the potential impact of an investment on the portfolio level.

Video 5: Risk analyses to support investment decision makers

This video provides a practical demonstration of how LDSP’s risk management methodology allows efficient and real-time analyses of cash-flow and return forecasting, overlaid with simulated stress-testing for portfolios of alternative assets.

Oliver Gottschalg (Consultant PERACS, Professor at HEC) on Private Equity Evolution