eFront ESG is an end-to-end ESG reporting solution for limited and general partners, empowering them to effortlessly collect and analyze ESG information on underlying portfolios throughout the life of their investments. Designed to be a truly collaborative reporting portal, eFront ESG facilitates the sharing of ESG information while promoting industry best practices and sustainable investing.

Key Product Features

Intuitive SaaS Portal

eFront ESG’s intuitive interface and automated tools make it easy to create and send customized surveys in order to collect key ESG information from general partners and portfolio companies. Investors can easily track progress and completion rates on the go in order to get the information they need when they need it.

Detailed Indicator Library

An extensive library of indicators makes it easy to quickly create customized surveys in order to collect the exact ESG information necessary. eFront ESG’s library includes indicators from a variety of key industry leaders including the Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI) reporting framework, the Sustainability Accounting Standards Boards (SASB), and Sustainable Industry Classifications System (SICS).

Centralized Information Storage

Through eFront ESG, investors are able to maintain all ESG related information in just one centralized system. eFront’s ESG portal enables investors to easily access and analyze information from both previous and existing information collection campaigns.

Integrated Product Suite

eFront ESG is fully integrated with the rest of the eFront Solution Suite, enabling investors to effortlessly leverage valuable ESG reporting information throughout their investment cycle.

Today’s Top ESG Challenges

Industry Pressure

Investors face increasing pressure to normalize ESG practices across asset classes and maintain policies across investments.


There is a general lack of tools and guidance around ESG monitoring and best practices in alternative investments.

Time Requirement

Collecting information on a variety of different underlying investments is time-consuming.


Prebuilt questionnaires and inflexible approaches make it challenging to attain specific and detailed ESG information.

How will eFront impact your ESG practices?

Time Savings
Risk Reduction
Build Trust
Enhanced Decision Making
eFront ESG’s automated features make it easy for investors to quickly collect ESG information on all of their investments. Investors can effortlessly manage information request statuses without having to dedicate time and resources to monitoring for responses.
Investors can easily customize indicators from eFront ESG’s extensive library to, in order to craft tailor made surveys with minimal effort, allowing them to easily collect the exact ESG information they need.
eFront ESG was built on industry best practices, incorporating the PRI reporting framework, SASB Standards, and Sustainable Industry Classifications System (SICS) in order provide a comprehensive understanding of ESG related risks in investments.
eFront ESG empowers investors to consistently communicate with their stakeholders detailed information on their ESG commitments, promoting transparency and building trust.
eFront ESG allows users to generate insights based on collected ESG information. Thanks to full integration with the rest of the eFront Solution Suite, investors can effortlessly leverage ESG information throughout their investment cycle.

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