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eFront Portfolio Monitoring

Through its dedicated investee portal, eFront Portfolio Monitoring (PM) streamlines and automates the data collection process from invested assets to the alternative asset manager, whether in private equity or real estate. Direct investors can utilize eFront PM’s investee portal including its excel-based process and plugin to collect data directly from their portfolio companies. Automated data collection empowers investors to efficiently gather, validate, and systematically normalize data while effectively eliminating data gaps and errors from manual processes.

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eFront Investment Café

eFront Investment Café transforms investor relationship management, providing a modern, clean and easy to use cloud-based portal in order to guarantee investors access to information anytime, anywhere and from any device. eFront Investment Café is a white-labelled portal service with a modern and appealing interface and unique features like KPI and information dashboards that greatly enhance the engagement between general partners / fund managers and their limited partners / investors. It is also a turnkey solution with demonstrated high scalability and performance, world-class security certification (ISO 27k and SOC 2 Type II) ) and 24/7 multilingual support that keeps general partners moving forward.

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eFront Insight

data provided may contain errors and omissions. Through eFront Insight GP, general partners and fund managers can access an intuitive portal centered on digitizing those private data exchanges. eFront Insight GP enables general partners and fund managers to keep track of incoming investor data requests, fully control the response workflow and data exchange process, automatically check the quality and consistency of the data they share and streamline the completion of most other standard industry templates through its embedded template generator, all in one portal.

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eFront ESG

eFront ESG is an end-to-end ESG reporting solution for limited and general partners empowering them to effortlessly collect and analyze ESG information on underlying portfolios throughout the life of their investments. Designed to be a truly collaborative reporting portal, eFront ESG facilitates the sharing of ESG information while promoting industry best practices and sustainable investing. eFront ESG seeks to optimize information management, increase transparency for the alternative investment community and help investors make informed decisions.

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