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eFront is a market leader in technology for alternative investments and offers a broad range of products and services. eFront Hosting Service is designed to accelerate implementation and adoption of eFront solutions, overcome IT deployment and maintenance related challenges while providing robust and secure service.

Our Product Hosting Services Seek to Overcome a Variety of Common Challenges


Investors need to know that their information and systems are secure and protected.


Investors need a system that allows them to scale their operations up and down in order to meet fluctuating demands.


Managing hosting on premises can result in excessive costs.


Guaranteeing high quality service and availability is challenging to manage through on premise hosting.

Disaster Recovery

Investors need to know that their information and systems will be stable and secure regardless of unforeseen events or crises.

Time to Market

Getting new systems up and running is often a time consuming process.

Key Features of Our Product Hosting Services

Disaster Recovery
Integrated Support
AWS infrastructure
Integration Networks

eFront Hosting employs a series of industry best practices and standard architecture approaches in order to ensure complete network security including a granular user access permission model, Data Loss Prevention (DLP), standard SLAs, advanced data encryption protocols, Symantec Endpoint Protection, vulnerability scanning and network penetration testing, SOC2 Type 2 and ISO 27001 certifications, AWS services and database/OS vendor functionality.

eFront offers an additional Disaster Recovery service that guarantees the safety and security of the system regardless of unforeseen events or crises, allowing full restoration of hosting services. In case of a disaster at the primary location, the DR location becomes the primary hosting location via a DNS adjustment. After full service restoration at the primary hosting location, the “fail-back” is executed to restore full DR capabilities.

eFront Hosting includes 24/7 support via phone, web, and email. By leveraging eFront’s single integrated support desk, users can avoid the lack of accountability and excessive exchanges resulting from multiple providers.

eFront has partnered with Amazon Web Services (AWS) in order to provide industry standard hosting processes, solid security and data protection. This partnership allows eFront access to computing resources across the world in AWS market leading hosting facilities.

eFront’s data integration interfaces make it easy to use eFront products in conjunction with one another as well as with other external solutions so that clients can effortlessly integrate with Microsoft Exchange, leverage additional data sources, sync with corporate accounting systems, and much more.

Key Stats


higher solution performance satisfaction amongst eFront hosted clients in comparison to on premise clients *


higher solution reliability satisfaction amongst eFront hosted clients in comparison with on premise clients *


higher support satisfaction amongst eFront hosted clients in comparison with on premise clients *


availability historically maintained

* Source: efront 2016 CSAT survey

Key Benefits of Using eFront’s Hosting Services for eFront Solutions

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