New Zealand Venture Investment Fund (NZVIF) is a fund of funds based in Auckland, New Zealand. After extensive research, NZVIF chose the eFront Invest solution to replace their previous software, due to problems with both data consistency and report accuracy. NZVIF has been using eFront Invest since 2014.

Following three years of successful collaboration,they have reaffirmed their trust in eFront by upgrading to the latest version of the solution. The implementation project was very successful, thanks to the joint efforts of NZVIF and eFront. The combination of NZVIF’s committed team and eFront’s technical and industry expertise, resulted in a smooth implementation.

NZVIF uses eFront Invest LP solutions including the following modules and tools:
eFront Investment tracks and reports transactions on portfolio investment key metrics.
eFront Analytics Designer allows users to perform data analysis on a real-time basis.
eFront Report Designer allows users to create and distribute reports in Word and Excel formats.
eFront Outlook syncs Outlook emails, contacts, and meetings with eFront’s solutions.

“eFront’s team has provided great customer service over the past three years. The technical team is knowledgeable and has provided practical solutions to address any issues.”

Bridget Unsworth, Investment Director

“eFront Invest has an intuitive user-friendly interface which allows us to analyze data and produce daily reports with ease. Having a reliable, user friendly software system is important to manage our investments. We like the way that the data, files, and communications are stored in one place, and each team member can access the info at anytime and anywhere.”

Hattaf Ansari, Investment Analyst

Key Benefits

Streamlined Workflows

Workflow and compliance tools enable NZVIF to streamline and optimize team performance, while strengthening the integrity and traceability of information.

Enhanced Data

eFront Invest maximizes efficiency and minimizes manual errors through the automation of repetitive tasks, thereby ensuring the accessibility, accuracy, and quality of NZVIF’s data.


NZVIF can easily expand their usage of both eFront Invest and the fully integrated eFront Solution Suite, in order to support their future business needs.

Automated Reports

eFront Invest dramatically reduces the time required to produce reports while ensuring the necessary level of confidence in the data.

Product Impact

Improvement in overall data quality and consistency
Reduction in time spent on non-valueadded tasks
Improvement in data analysis
Improvement in reporting capabilities


Firm Type: Fund of Funds
Asset Class: PE Direct & PE Indirect
Assets Under Management (AUM): $245m
Geographical Presence: Asia-Pacific

The New Zealand Venture Investment Fund (NZVIF) is a fund of funds based in Auckland, New Zealand. NZVIF was established by the New Zealand government in 2002 to help build a vibrant venture capital market in New Zealand. The firm primarily invests in startups, early stage, and seed stage venture capital funds.


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