eFront GP

Transform productivity, investor satisfaction and achieve profound levels of insight into your investment operations and performance.

eFront allows General Partners of all sizes and levels of complexity to manage their investment operations, from portfolio monitoring, reporting, analytics, to investor relations management, while automating difficult and error-prone tasks, such as issuing capital call notices, managing investor allocations and fees. With a system you can rely on, your team can focus on thoughtful and strategic decision-making.

Our four General Partner product categories cover portfolio management and accounting, portfolio monitoring and investor relations management.

eFront Invest for GP

Simplify and streamline portfolio monitoring while improving transparency and reporting, so you can spend more time on detailed analysis, and ensure the integrity and traceability of your data. Track and report on cost and return-related portfolio investment metrics, manage investor cash flows, legal and tax, with add-on modules for managing complex debt instruments, hedging positions and SPVs.

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eFront Office for GP

Manage your firm’s contacts in a secure and institutionalised manner. eFront Office captures individuals, firms and prospective investments across all alternative asset classes. Full mobile access and Microsoft Outlook compatibility.

eFront Investment Café

Securely share information with a global LP investor base. Use workflow tools for fund administration, and for reporting investment results and specific KPIs, including ESG related information, through an online portal. Provide LPs with interactive dashboards to dynamically monitor activity.

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eFront Portfolio Monitoring

Monitor the operational performance of your client’s assets through efficient and auditable processes. Collect KPIs, analyse, forecast and report on the portfolio, with add-ons including a portal for investee companies to submit investor reporting templates; a library of reports and indicators; and data collection templates.

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