eFront LP

Automate and streamline every aspect of the Limited Partner fund investment cycle, while providing value-enhancing analytical insights.

eFront has been working with leading Limited Partner organisations for nearly two decades to refine the most LP friendly suite of software available for private market investors. Our four product categories cover portfolio management, data collection and analysis, contact and relationship management, and benchmarking solutions.

eFront Invest for LP

Track and manage portfolios of alternative investments across private markets, including equity, debt, real estate and infrastructure, whether held direct or indirectly through funds.
Process and record all investment and fund-related actions according to a defined workflow which will help strengthen the integrity and traceability of the processed data.

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eFront Navigator for LP

Manage risk and calculate performance with eFront’s leading edge suite of analytical programmes. Our advanced analytical tools also allow LPs to simulate cash flow in order to analyse liquidity profiles, portfolio performance and Value-at-Risk, and monitor direct investment KPIs.

eFront Office for LP

Manage your firms contacts in a secure and institutionalised manner. eFront Office captures individuals, firms and prospective investments across all alternative asset classes. Full mobile access and Microsoft Outlook compatibility.

eFront Pevara

Access Pevara’s unique and industry-leading benchmark data, comprised entirely of LP cashflows from across the world, with the depth and breadth to create custom-weighted benchmarks. eFront Invest users can access Pevara, as well as a software-as-a-service platform offering a library of ready-to-use analytics.

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