Paris | June 13, 2019 – Proudly celebrating the 20th anniversary of its launch, eFront continues to be the leading software suite for alternative investment professionals worldwide.

eFront was founded in 1999, originally providing software for venture capital investors. Over time, it expanded its solution suite to cater to all alternative investment asset classes and investor types. Today, eFront is the market leader in its field and employs over 800 people across 21 global offices, while servicing more than 850 corporate clients worldwide.

In its first decade, eFront established a clearly defined focus and specialization in software solutions for alternative investments, particularly with its flagship product « eFront Invest« . The next period saw a significant increase in client base across continents thanks to further development of its product portfolio, with its solutions now covering all end-to-end needs of alternative investment professionals.

After 20 years, eFront embarks on a new chapter with the recent acquisition by BlackRock. Together, they will continue to realize eFront’s original mission – to make alternatives less alternative.

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