eFront Investment Café Brochure

eFront Investment Café transforms investor relationship management, providing a modern, clean and easy to use cloud-based portal in order to guarantee investors secure access to information anytime, anywhere and from any device.

eFront Portfolio Monitoring Brochure

eFront Portfolio Monitoring streamlines and automates all portfolio monitoring activities from data collection and standardization all the way to advanced analysis and investor reporting, leveraging eFront’s unparalleled experience in alternative investment technologies.

eFront Office Brochure

eFront Office enables alternative investors to optimize their deal flow and fundraising pipelines while maximizing investor engagement. Through eFront Office, investors can easily access a variety of CRM functionalities ranging from contact management and pipeline tracking to workflow optimization, all from one centralized location. Leverage a streamlined software solution in order to make the most of your pipeline by optimizing deal flow, fundraising, and investor engagement for alternative investors

eFront PEO/VC Brochure

eFront PEO/VC is the only complete solution for venture capital firms seeking to manage the entire venture capital life-cycle, from deal flow management and fund administration to investor relations.

eFront VaR Brochure

Built in partnership with leading academic research, eFront VaR is the first ever product to address these issues through simulated NAV and cash flow scenarios using a proprietary bottom-up value-at-risk model for single deals and funds.

eFront Real Estate Solutions Brochure

With six modular products, the eFront Solution Suite empowers property investors and fund managers to make fact-based decisions in order to mitigate risks and maximize the performance of their direct and indirect portfolios.

eFront Hosting Brochure

eFront is a market leader in technology for alternative investments and offers a broad range of products and services. eFront Hosting Service is designed to accelerate implementation and adoption of eFront solutions, overcome IT deployment and maintenance related challenges while providing robust and secure service so that you can focus on investments.

eFront Education Services

eFront is a market leader in technology for alternative investments, offering a broad range of products and services. One of these services, eFront’s Education Services, provide a streamlined and innovative method for clients to quickly become proficient in eFront’s software solutions. Leveraging decades of industry expertise and experience, eFront’s comprehensive and interactive courses provide clients with best practices and the support necessary to maximize the value of our products.