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Cyril Demaria Partner and Head of Private Markets

Wellershoff & Partners

« When I need data, there is one source I can go to and I know that I can rely on it. It’s a crucial feature for me. »

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Christopher McChesney Senior Vice President Alternative Fund Services, Brown Brothers Harriman

Brown Brothers Harriman

« The technology we use is extremely important to our clients. eFront helps BBH be a technology leader in the fund administration market »

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Karin Du Toit Chief Operating Officer

Old Mutual Alternative Investments

« After an extensive selection process, we chose eFront as our preferred and trusted partner. »

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Lilly Walker Head Of Client Services

Neo Capital

« If we were to describe eFront in one word, it would definitely be productive. »

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Debbie Zima Chief Operations Officer

Social Investment Scotland

« The key benefits of us using and selecting eFront as a trusted partner, is really the reliability of the data! »

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Antti Kiviluoto IT Director


« We are using eFront for 10 years now and it was a brilliant choice for us! « 

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Gus Tambakis Director

MB Fund

« The Challenge Is The Amount Of Data. »

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Michiel van Agtmaal, Manon Walter Tellez


« The main benefit is that we now have a real equity system and also our users find it really user friendly. »