Miura Private Equity Adopts eFront Solutions

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September 22 , 2016 | Posted by eFront Solutions |

Miura Private Equity Adopts eFront Solutions

Paris, September 22, 2016 – eFront, the leading financial software and solutions provider for managing alternative investments, has successfully implemented FrontGP for Miura Private Equity. FrontGP is the leading solution for automating operational processes by alternative investment fund managers.

Miura Private Equity (‘Miura’), a private equity firm based in Barcelona, specializes in investing in medium-sized companies.

Miura’s implementation of FrontGP allows it to streamline its processes, benefiting from best back office practices and ensuring easy access to secure information. Miura now takes advantage of a cloud-based solution, enabling user access from any device.

Implementation of the project was focused on Miura’s specific requirements, such as deal flow, fund raising and automation of reporting generation. FrontGP has been adopted by investment team members and investor relation managers, with all aspects adapted to Miura’s processes and fully integrated with Outlook.

In March 2016, Miura went live with full front-to-back office functionalities, including Contact Management, Document Management, Deal Flow Management, Portfolio Management, Fund Raising Management and Fund Management.

About Miura Private Equity
Miura  is a  private investment  firm with headquarters in Barcelona. Currently it has assets under management of €300m. The firm specializes in investing in small and medium-sized companies, with attractive expansion and consolidation potential, as well as in international growth prospects.  Since 2008, Miura has invested in 23 companies, valued at about €400 m.For more information, visit  http://www.miuraequity.com.