FrontConnect for GPs

FrontConnect: a Branded Investor Publishing Portal for your Investors

Investors continue to demand more transparent and speedy access to information on their alternative investments than ever before. Meeting these demands can be a time consuming exercise for GP’s but also critical for maintaining strong investor relationships. A robust and flexible investor portal solution is an essential tool for addressing these demands. GP’s are looking for an exclusive access channel for their investors. This channel should marry their unique branding needs with drop-box functions for document sharing and flexible dashboards for presenting their performance analysis.

The FrontConnect portal integrates with FrontInvest and can feature your branding

FrontConnect is a rapidly deployable solution that enables GPs to set up branded portals for easy information sharing with their LPs. Available as an out-of-the-box FrontInvest module, the FrontConnect portal provides a publishing and communication platform that GPs can dedicate to their investors, giving them instant access to reports and notices. Embedded administration and monitoring systems ensure confidentiality.

Key FrontConnect features

Branding: The portal is a powerful marketing tool for GPs. It can be easily branded according to a GP’s own design guidelines and feature logos, baselines, colors and a variety of styles.

Customized content: Portal content (e.g., home page, charts, help, etc.) can be adapted to different GP businesses models, such as private equity, real estate or venture capital.

Performance charts: The portal is more than a drop-box for static information. It also provides analytical tools, including customizable charts with dynamic data filtering and drill-down features.

Online drop-box: The ability to post documents like quarterly reports and notices represents a new way for GPs and investors to communicate. Drop-box documents can be downloaded by investors at their convenience. Also, large amounts of data and documents can be posted in draft mode and published later, which accelerates the exchange of information.

Online requests: Investors can submit request to GPs directly through the portal, further enhancing transparency and communication.

Disclaimers: The portal and its content are protected by disclaimers that can be configured to match GP legal rules and confidentiality policies.

Management and administration: All portal activity can be easily monitored and tracked. Automatic email management system and strong access rights management are also available.

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