Streamline Loan and Debt Management with FrontLoan

FrontLoan extends the fund management capabilities of FrontInvest by managing loans/mezzanine debt, complex interest schedules, accruals and capitalization schedules. FrontLoan is of particular interest to firms with mezzanine debt as well as loan-based investors and investment managers.  Its powerful capabilities automate the management and booking of recurring transactions related to:

  • Loans & mortgages of various types including financing, development, bridge and revolving loans
  • Bonds such as fixed rate, floating rate, zero coupon, convertible and others

Use FrontLoan to manage complex schedules with varied time segments, rates and conditions using custom or preset amortization profiles. Also, managers can track payment history, calculate late payment interest and manage accruals. If needed, users can override the automatically generated schedules for transactions and payments.

FrontLoan is completely integrated into the FrontInvest private equity software product. It manages all types of interest rates (fixed, adjustable, etc.), time periods and conventions for calculating the number of days in a period.

The FrontLoan module saves organizations time by reducing the effort related to:

  • Managing cash and interest (capitalized) on PIK instruments
  • Managing multiple amortization methods
  • Modeling different scenarios
  • Calculating accrued interest and default interest on arrears
  • Managing fees

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