Fund Accounting

Fund Accounting Software

Fund accounting and General Ledger entry automation

The FrontInvest Fund Accounting software module manages business transactions and accounting activities across multiple currencies for alternative investment investors.

Accounting entry generation

FrontInvest automatically generates accounting entries based on fund operations (such as calls and distributions as well as expense and income items) and direct transactions (such as the purchase and sale of equity) entered in the system. Transactions are mapped to specific accounting codes that can trigger the automatic generation of accounting entries. If desired, entries can be entered manually. Then, General Ledger entries can be reviewed and validated, after which accounting reports can be generated.

Clients may choose to implement and build their own charts of accounts in order to comply with various international standards (such as country-specific GAAP and IFRS).

Different profiles can be defined and associated with access rights and validation workflow to ensure that fund-specific internal controls and compliance procedures are met. For example, a junior accountant may be authorized to input operations, but not validate them. The senior accountant can then review the inputs and approve them so they then become available throughout the application.

Fund accounting software capabilities include:

  • Automated generation of accounting operations from financial / business entries
  • The ability to preview ledger entries before they are committed
  • Automated production of various accounting and financial reports
  • Integration of multiple charts of accounts into a single system
  • Document management and versioning for access to accounting documents and other files
  • Accounting entry management with an easy-to-use tree structure layout
  • Definition of year-end closing rules

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