Fund Management

Comprehensive Fund Management Software Solutions for the Entire Fund Lifecycle

Streamline all aspects of fund and investor management

FrontInvest Fund Management software offers a sophisticated means for managing all aspects of a fund and its investors throughout the entire investment cycle. Fund Management software for private equity, real estate and other asset types tracks historical and current fund, investor, and portfolio data. Reporting on this data to communicate to funds, principal investors and other Limited Partners is simple.

Fund and Investor Management reduce administrative burdens by automating repetitive and error-prone tasks such as the management of capital call and distribution notices. Manage mailing lists, use embedded Microsoft® Word to draft richly-formatted templates using sophisticated algebraic operands as needed, and run tests to merge investor information into the templates.

Other FrontInvest fund management software features:

  • Share, share class and share type management
  • Fee and investor allocation calculation and management
  • Waterfall modeling
  • Master-feeder, fund family and sub-vehicle structure management
  • The ability to model complex fund structures
  • Seamless integration with the general ledger (Fund Accounting)

Automate fund operations

Fund operations are managed in a flexible, user-friendly tabular form. These include commitments, capital calls, distributions, subscriptions, redemptions and management fees.

Fund holdings are also managed in tabular form. There are standardized views for fund positions (investments, proceeds, unrealized and realized costs, and more) and performance (IRR, multiple, and many other calculations). And for added flexibility, portfolio views can be filtered and presented as of any date.

Simplify fund operations with Embedded Excel

FrontInvest offers Embedded Excel™ throughout the product. This unique capability enables users to benefit from using Excel-based models directly within the application while leveraging the enterprise features of the application such as direct access to data across the system, collaboration between users, versioning, auditability, scalability and security.

The interaction between Excel spreadsheets and FrontInvest is bi-directional, meaning that embedded spreadsheets can be automatically populated with data from FrontInvest. Alternatively, users can enter data manually. This feature enables firms to leverage existing valuation, allocation and even waterfall models without having to recreate them.

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