Fundraising Software

Sophisticated Fundraising Software

Integrated fundraising with dynamic pipeline analysis

General partners can manage the complete fundraising process with the FrontInvest fundraising software module, starting with monitoring a potential investor’s probability of committing to a fund. These capabilities are tightly integrated with the Contact Management and Fund Management modules to help an investor relations team optimize their efforts.

The fundraising process is streamlined with the inclusion of form letters and other correspondence, enabling a fund manager to more easily adhere to compliance requirements. Internal coordination is improved as is the ability to monitor fundraising activities. Pipeline visibility is also improved with the presentation of closure probabilities directly on the dashboard.

Streamline the prospection process

Fund managers can promote current portfolios and monitor the pipeline detailed with the probabilities of potential commitment. Investor relations staff can promote current funds, set automatic reminders, and generate mail distributions, individual letters, and mass mailings. Checklists can be used to monitor the documents used throughout the fundraising process.

Easily manage requests for information

Investor relations personnel can manage the request cycle, automate letter generation, and monitor documents and information delivered to prospective investors.

Leverage the Investment Café investor portal platform to securely share materials relevant to the fundraising process with prospective investors. This platform also automates the detailed tracking of investor activity including who accessed which documents and when.

Integrate with Microsoft Outlook

Users of Microsoft® Outlook™ can use the FrontOutlook add-in to directly access data in FrontInvest. Contacts, appointments and emails can be sent to FrontInvest without requiring the user to leave Outlook. This seamless integration saves the professionals working the fundraising process considerable time and effort.