Investee Portal

Streamline the Collection of Data with the Investee Portal

The eFront Investee Portal extends the use of FrontInvest and FrontPM to portfolio companies and properties, ensuring the timely submission of financial and other information

Web portals are becoming an indispensable part of the alternative investment industry. They save time, enforce a workflow to ensure timely communication of data, and even help validate data.

The eFront Investee Portal extends FrontInvest and FrontPM by streamlining the collection of data from invested entities such as portfolio companies and real estate properties. The Investee Portal provides clients with the ability to receive financial and non-financial information from their portfolio companies and/or property managers, and to import it directly into FrontInvest and FrontPM. This allows investees to instantly communicate with their owners, and vice versa, through a single, secure point of entry.

Investees can access the portal to:

  • View a manager’s current announcement
  • Obtain current templates for reporting data
  • Initiate the workflow for submitting information
  • Correct and re-submit data
  • View historical activity and submissions  

The GP can control the investee experience to ensure valid information submissions by:

  • Customizing the announcement that the investee sees upon logging into the investee portal
  • Quickly viewing the submitted data and easily access the information within the appropriate screens within FrontInvest, on a company’s or property’s Financial Figures page
  • Making new templates available to investees

Key features of the Investee Portal include:

Excel-based templates to minimize the changes in an investee’s existing reporting process, helping ensure adoption of the portal.

Template-based workflow to normalize the information coming from an investee and to control the quality of the data.

A notifications system to ensure investees are aware of submission deadlines and to control communication with investees through a single point of contact.

The ability to custom-configure templates and reporting periods, fine-tuning reporting to meet an owner’s specific needs.