Portfolio Management

Portfolio Management: Manage the Financial Positions of your Investments

With the eFront portfolio management software solution, investment and portfolio managers can track the performance of their investments: private equity portfolio companies, real estate properties, portfolios of funds and other alternative investments. FrontInvest enables general partners to track and report on portfolio company investment information. Other data, such as co-investment information, can be combined to offer a complete view of the portfolio.

With access to both investment information and more detailed financial information, investors are able to report across their holdings to gain transparency into their portfolio of investments.

FrontInvest portfolio management enables investors and managers to:

  • Track investment, contact and activity details related to an investment
  • Maintain current financial, administrative and legal information
  • Leverage dynamic dashboards to analyze investment performance such as IRR and TVPI across multiple variables viewing results in real time

The FrontInvest portfolio management software delivers powerful investment insights across a wide range of alternative assets.

Private equity (direct investments)

  • Centralize relevant information for easier, repeatable investment analysis
  • Analyze holdings performance with dynamic dashboards and company tear sheets

Real estate (direct investments)

  • Access and analyze detailed real estate asset information from the lease to the portfolio level
  • Slice and dice property data across multiple variables with real estate dashboards
  • Use Argus® forecasts to model cash flows across a portfolio

Private equity fund of funds and real estate fund of funds

A Fund of Funds can track and analyze underlying portfolio company and properties, and provide a consolidated view across multiple portfolios.

  • Analyze and manage fund investments at any level of an investment structure
  • Access a consolidated view of holdings at the master fund level
  • Drill down into underlying portfolio company and property details
  • Consolidate subscribers transparently
  • Model and analyze any kind of investment structure
  • Consolidate a portfolio through any level of an investment structure

Fund of hedge fund investments

  • With FrontInvest portfolio management software, users can optimize their strategies by modeling holdings under varying stress and sensitivity scenarios
  • Analyze and monitor performance, liquidity, regression and more with dynamic dashboards

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