eFront Invest for LP

eFront Invest for Limited Partners

Save time and optimize internal processes while gaining exposure and performance insights into a portfolio of alternative investments

eFront Invest integrated capabilities for investment deal flow, portfolio monitoring & analysis and dashboard reporting enable limited partners to optimize the management of their alternative investments. Limited partners, such as pension funds, family offices, sovereign wealth funds, insurance companies and others, use eFront Invest to gain exposure and performance insights like never before.

eFront Invest is an important component of eFront’s complete set of solutions for LPs. In the diagram below, eFront Invest is represented by the End-to-End Solutions box.

eFront solutions for limited partners

eFront solutions for Limited Partners


eFront Invest for LPs is fully web-based and manages multiple asset classes including direct and indirect investments in private equity and real estate, debt and more. The suite of software products is organized into three sets of capabilities: investment, portfolio analysis, and back office modules.

Investment modules include contact management, Microsoft Outlook integration, LinkedIn integration and investment deal flow management with workflow.

Portfolio Analysis modules empower LPs to make investment decisions optimized for their risk and exposure mandates. Capabilities include dynamic dashboards purpose built to analyze alternative asset investments, private equity benchmarks by Pevara, cash flow forecasting, risk management, and an investee portal to simplify the gathering of financial and non-financial information from the direct investments of the portfolio.

And, Back Office modules add rigor, scalability and repeatability to the financial reporting process. Capabilities include fund holdings and transaction management, accounting and an integrated general ledger system.

Complementary offerings include the eFront Investor Cloud solution which is seamlessly integrated with FrontInvest. Data in spreadsheets and other templates can be securely sent from the solution directly to a eFront Invest system, saving an LP time and effort. eFront Investor Cloud (EIC) collects and transforms quarterly performance data, placing completed templates in a portal for transmission to eFront Invest.

eFront solutions are ideal for all limited partners, from the most sophisticated global LP seeking to streamline its entire front- to back-office operations, to a regional LP looking to automate a specific function. Leverage FrontInvest’s pre-configured reports and dashboards to begin using the products faster than ever before.

  • Gain a better understanding of investments with instant insights into portfolio risk and exposure
  • Optimize investment decisions with “what if” scenarios
  • Add transparency to the investment decision process
  • Act quicker, save effort and make fewer errors
  • Leverage the best practices of the alternative asset industry