Branded portal for sharing performance results with investors

All GPs need to share information with their investors, throughout the investment lifecycle. With advances in web and mobile technologies continually raising the bar, investors expect to access results data faster and with greater ease of use than ever before. The ideal solution is a portal that can be deployed rapidly, visually branded with the GPs colors and logo, and provides multiple options for investors to consume their performance data, documents, and other communications from the GP.

FrontConnect integrates with FrontInvest; features your branding

FrontConnect enables a GP to set up branded portals for easy information sharing with its LPs. An optional FrontInvest module, the new FrontConnect portal provides GPs a publishing and communication platform dedicated to sharing with their investors, giving investors instant access to reports and notices. Embedded administration and monitoring systems managed by the GP ensure that control over confidential data remains in their hands.

Key FrontConnect Features

Branding: Your branding is your face to the world, and it’s crucial for all of your web properties to reinforce your branding.  FrontConnect can be easily branded to remain consistent with your design guidelines for colors, fonts, logos and more.  With FrontConnect, the portal becomes not just the way you communicate results to investors, but rather part of your overall Marketing portfolio.

Customized content: With FrontConnect, the content of the portal (e.g., the home page, charts, help, etc.) can be adapted to different GP businesses models, such as private equity, real estate or venture capital.   FrontConnect can support your needs today, and be easily adapted to support your evolving needs.

Online drop-box: The ability to post documents like quarterly reports and notices represents a new way for GPs and investors to communicate. Drop-box documents can be downloaded by investors at their convenience. Also, large amounts of data and documents can be posted in draft mode and published later, which accelerates the exchange of information and allows the GP to better distribute the periodic workload.

Performance charts: GPs are seeking ways they can meet investors’ demands for access to data, and as a result, we’ve built the FrontConnect portal to be more than just a means of sharing static information. It can also provide investors with online analytical tools, including customizable charts with dynamic data filtering and drill-down features.

Online requests: Investors can ask questions and submit requests to GPs directly through the portal, further enhancing the ability of your IR team to provide transparency and responsiveness to investors.

Disclaimers: The portal and its content are protected by disclaimers that can be configured to match each GP’s legal rules and confidentiality policies.

Management and administration: All portal activity can be easily monitored and tracked. An automatic email management system and strong access rights management are also available.