FrontERM and Front360

ERM, GRC and CRM Solutions

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FrontERM is a global solution for managing the risks (market, counterparty, operational, liquidity risk, strategic risks, etc.) to which your business is exposed. This ERM (Enterprise Risk Management) solution helps avoid a silo-based approach by embedding risk management at the heart of the company’s processes, making it a genuine tool for the control and support of decision-making.

An integrated solution for Corporate Governance, Risk and Compliance Management, FrontGRC enables financial firms to meet their regulatory obligations such as Basel II (Basel III) for banks, Solvency II for insurance, or SOX and LSF for other industries. Incorporating the recommendations and best practices from market standards such as COSO II, ISO 31000 and the AMF Directive, the solution enables businesses to achieve their financial and strategic aims via the optimization of their organizational processes.

Front360 is a user-friendly CRM workstation tailored to specific business issues while providing maximum flexibility.  This solution ensures a personalized and optimized relationship with both prospective and existing customers. 

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