eFront ESG Information Management

eFront ESG is a flexible end to end reporting solution for LPs and GPs to collect and analyse ESG information during the life of a fund.

Manage and communicate ESG information with ease

  • Create customised information requests and invite your investees to enter their information
  • Efficiently share ESG information with many investors

Report and monitor what matters

  • Access a catalogue of standard indicators to guide you on industry best practices
  • Analyse the ESG developments in your portfolio based on industry best practices
  • Quickly identify key risks and opportunities in your portfolio

Integration with eFront financial solutions

  • Obtain a holistic overview of your portfolio including both ESG and financial information
  • Fully integrate ESG into your investment processes

FrontESG Features

Collect information from GPs or companies

Respond to investor requests

Access to the ESG indicator library

Create custom indicators

Analyze ESG information

Email and phone support

ESG reporting service: Develop a bespoke analysis of your ESG policies and practices and of your portfolio developments. This service is designed for investors that have submitted ESG information on eFront’s FrontESG platform. Investors can leverage the data already in FrontESG to create a ESG report using INDEFI’s ESG advisory expertise.

Please contact for more information or if you would like a free trial


Our strategic collaborations arm LPs and GPs with innovative ESG monitoring and reporting methodologies enabling to them to enhance value and build credibility with their stakeholders.


FrontESG was designed in partnership with SWEN Capital Partners. SWEN Capital Partners provided business expertise in the domain of responsible investment in order to provide a solution that can either be efficient as a standalone offering, or integrated into an existing eFront product suite.


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