Fund Management, Investor Relations and Accounting

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Fund Management, Investor Relations & Accounting

Fund/Investor Management & Accounting features are at the heart of FrontGP, bringing together portfolio data, fund and investor allocation management, and investor communications and reporting into a single system. Accounting and Finance teams can centralize all aspects of their daily operations, and realize substantial productivity gains from FrontGP’s fund operations functionality:

  • Waterfall modeling and other rule-based allocations, that can be configured by users to meet the unique characteristics of each fund
  • Management of participant relationships, partnership terms and LPA’s, all of which are important when performing allocation calculations
  • Automatic use of these terms and more, to quickly and accurately calculate partners’ capital allocations of calls, distributions, gains & losses, and management fees
  • Integration with the eFront investor portals, including Investment Café.  The investor portals facilitate communications with investors through a great user experience, and link closely with the functionality of FrontGP
  • On-demand access to dynamic transaction and partners’ capital account views, including publishing quarterly statements, to keep investors informed of their positions
  • Management of simple or complex financial structures, paired with simple data entry processes to streamline periodic processing
  • Access to a portfolio holdings view with the ability to update, to simplify management of your portfolio
  • Performance analysis on any measure, for example IRR, Multiple, TVPI, DVPI, or Total Proceeds, to easily gain critical insight into the performance of investments

FrontGP simplifies accounting for fund operations, by automatically generating accounting entries for fund operations entered in the system, such as calls and distributions, as well as expense and income items.  The system also generates accounting entries for direct transactions entered in the system, such as the purchase and sale of equity. Back office teams benefit from a number of accounting features, including:

  • Automatic creation of GL journal entries from any transaction type, dramatically simplifying the generation of trial balances and full financial reporting
  • Sub-Ledger Accounting tracks Journal entries at the investor level for Trial Balance and Financial Statement generation at this most granular level
  • Contra account option to auto balance accounting entries
  • User-defined default behavior by transaction type, which accelerates creation of accounting entries, but can be overridden as needed
  • Configurability of the general ledger, including compliance with any international accounting standard, to meet the specific accounting needs of any organization
  • Support for tracking multiple sets of books provides additional flexibility; for example, to handle GAAP and Tax accounting in parallel
  • Accounts Payables functionality, including the ability to cut checks from FrontGP
  • Tracking and reconciliation of bank accounts, per normal accounting practices in maintaining the general ledger

Back office teams benefit from FrontGP’s automation of fund operations and accounting through repeatable processes, improved consistency, and increased efficiency.

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