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A simple powerful solution for the alternative investment community

Investment Café is an advanced investor reporting and communication system that enables fund managers to gain a competitive advantage by better serving the needs of their investors.  Investment Café makes it easy for fund managers to present investors with a branded, secure, online experience for accessing timely information about their investments. With Investment Café, GPs can easily and securely disseminate information to investors around the world, via any Web browser.

Investment Café is delivered with a software-as-a-service (SaaS) model, eliminating the IT overhead of managing the portal infrastructure, and allowing GPs to focus on running their business. For clients who prefer an on-premise solution, eFront also offers the WebLP investor portal.

With Investment Café, Alternative investment funds, including private equity, venture capital, hedge funds, fund of funds, real estate and more, can improve their operations, accelerate the delivery of information to investors, and reduce manual and repetitive tasks burdening their team.  At the same time, the improved level of service to investors will help to build investor satisfaction and loyalty.

Improve investor communication, and foster greater transparency

Improve investor communications and relations
Provide investors with direct 24x7x365 access to fund information, reducing the need to support requests for current or historical information, and improving investor satisfaction. You already make your investors happy with strong returns. With Investment Café, you can give them greater operational value, and make them passionate advocates for your firm.

End-to-end services
Investor reporting, fundraising and contact management are all available within a single platform, allowing you to better serve more investors, with less effort.

Streamline reporting
Getting the right information to the right investors at the right time is an operational burden for all GPs. With Investment Café, you can easily load capital account statements, NAVs, calls, tax documents and distributions into the portal, then review, approve and send supporting emails – all with just a few clicks.

Easily track and monitor activities
GPs need to know that the materials they are providing are being read. During fund raising, this helps signal engagement, and once a prospective investor becomes a partner, this insight can help improve follow-up and eliminate misunderstandings. With Investment Café, accounting, fundraising and management staff know what was provided to whom, and when, and who is reading the published information.

Full service document processing
Investment Café can perform the task of splitting and loading documents, by investor, saving fund managers considerable time and effort.

Increased control, fewer errors
Investment information is very sensitive, and GPs need the ability to control access to information, as well as how it’s used. Investment Café lets GPs manage who gets to see, download and even print information. Your team can even establish internal checks and balances to reduce mistakes.

Leverage your brand
With any business, your brand is your face to the world, and it’s important for your investor portal to share the same branding you’ve worked hard to cultivate. With Investment Café, you can retain complete control over your investors’ experience, by designing and configuring the portal interface to incorporate your house brand, style and messaging.

True integration
The Investment Café platform seamlessly integrates with the eFront’s FrontInvest and FrontGP suites for GPs, providing a true end-to-end solution for fund managers across all asset types.

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