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Investment Café® Capital Call Management

Seamlessly administer your contact and investor database, manage commitments, call or distribute capital, then have the system perform any addressing, shipping, faxing, emailing, posting online or even stuffing of envelopes!

What is it?

The Investment Café Capital Call Manager is a robust tool that handles the entire capital call and distribution process. Web-based tools that keep track of committed capital, remaining commitments, perform allocations, deliver capital call letters and manage the funding process of capital calls.

Who is it for?

Alternative investment fund sponsors and fund administrators that issue capital calls.

Direct benefits

  • A Fully Streamlined Process
    Your contact and investor list are fully integrated with the Capital Call Manager, along with each contacts desired notification method, commitment, sharing percentage and more.
  • Reduces the Risk of Mistakes and Embarrassments
    Relieve yourself of the old manual and disconnected processes; no longer will you juggle spreadsheets, fax press software, email tools, investor notification requests and the stress that goes with it.
  • The Best in Accountability
    Managing Directors will be impressed as you track document readership, monitor receipts and easily resend to select investors likely to fund late. You’ll gain from institutional processes, controls, checks and balances – beneficial even if you’re managing a small fund.
  • Specific to Your Business
    Tailored specifically to the alternative asset industry, and flexible and robust enough for complex relationships. You can even load your own ad-hoc allocations.
  • Cut Costs and Unnecessary Steps
    Eliminates the need to have employees act like an in-house mail shop. Never stuff another envelope, stand in front of a fax or wonder whether the file was sent, received or even read.   

Capital call manager features

  • Tracks current and remaining commitments, sharing percentages and more
  • Performs standard allocations, or import custom allocations from Excel
  • Create individual letters to investors and contacts
  • Call against committed, remaining, invested or against an ad-hoc relationship
  • Call capital for multiple reasons during the same call and allow for separate allocations per reason
  • Automatically delivers letters by email, fax or postal mail
  • Tracks payments
  • Handles both capital calls and distributions
  • Calculates the Journal Entry to record the capital call which can be posted to any back office General Ledger system
  • Store relationships for future use or for others to proof your work
  • Allows for handoffs between your administrator or your staff for final review
  • Fully integrated with the Investment Café Reporting System and Contact Manager
  • Fully web-based. You can work from home or away from the office or share amongst different offices
  • Exports to Excel along the way for hand checking if desired
  • Proof files online or offline prior to sending. See everything before it is released.
  • Follow a capital call process that gets saved at each stage from defining the call details, proofing, merging, etc.
  • Each contact can have different notification methods for each address. (e.g. FedEx® for financials go to their office, but capital calls are sent to their business fax and email.)
  • Use different letters depending on the notification method. (e.g. Fax letters get a cover sheet, email letters do not. Mailed letters have a special insert and more.)
  • Create PDFs even if you do not have Adobe® Acrobat®

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