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Investment Café® Fundraising

Since inception, Investment Café’s software has been used to disseminate information to investors and prospects in over 120 countries, helping raise almost $100 billion in commitments. Investment Café is trusted by some of the largest firms in the world who have set up virtual data rooms for investor’s to perform due diligence on new investment opportunities.

What is it?

Web-based fundraising, contact management, CRM and document management tools, all in one. Prospects can securely login with a web browser and see pertinent information about the investment opportunity 24x7x365 from anywhere in the world.

Who is it for?

  • Alternative investment funds and fundless sponsors including private equity, venture capital, hedge funds, fund of funds, real estate and more.
  • Firms looking to upgrade from storing information in Excel, Outlook, or other systems that lack features specific to the alternative asset industry.
  • Anyone looking to improve their fund marketing operations, speed up the delivery of information, and handle more prospects with less effort – and finally get home on time.

Direct benefits

  • Spend More Time on the Investors That Present the Greatest Opportunity
    Focus on investors with the greatest potential by tracking and monitoring interest levels, what was said and more.
  • Raise More Funds Faster and Monitor Each Stage
    Streamline your marketing as you more easily track each stage of your fundraising process, monitor prospects at each stage, the amount at risk and presentations given. Chart subscriptions over time. Determine critical steps of the process and monitor real progress through those steps to manage the fundraising goal.
  • Benefit From a Single Package Covering the Life of the Fundraising Process
    Receive a fully customizable contact manager package built specifically for the alternative asset industry, along with powerful tools to disseminate documents, track viewing, send emails and much more.
  • When the Fund is Raised, Start Reporting in the Same System
    When your fund is raised, use the same system to report financials, call management fees, issue NAVs and more. With everything in one package, you can drive asset growth and retention at all times.
  • Reduce Costs by Going Green
    Streamline the process and reduce the cost of raising your next fund by going green with Investment Café web-based fundraising tools.
  • Give Access to Reports Without Risk or Hassle
    Grant existing or potential investors immediate and secure access to key due diligence materials without the cost, risk and hassle associated with hard copy mailing or overnight delivery.
  • Stay on Top of Investor Relations
    Keep abreast of investor relations and the fundraising process by logging phone calls and meetings, while Investment Café automatically captures your email dialogs, user login’s to the site and documents accessed by your current and potential investors.
  • Keep Track of All Touch Points
    Instantly view and monitor all communication and touch points with the investor base and the individual contacts associated with those investors using our powerful CRM dashboard. 

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