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The Investment Café® Competitive Advantage

Fund Sponsors now have a powerful web-based tool to provide their investors’ current and historical detailed fund information.

Investment Café is unlike any other investor reporting system. It allows you to easily disseminate information online to prospects and investors – yet that’s where any comparisons stop.

  • You are part of a global network of the best and brightest. Many of the world’s leading sponsors performed the same kind of due diligence on Investment Café as if buying a company for their portfolio. The result – time and again, they concluded that Investment Café is unlike any other reporting system.
  • We walked a mile in your shoes. We started as the technology division of a large back office administrator to the alternative asset industry. We saw the pain of stuffing envelopes, faxing, emailing documents, and built a powerful solution tailored to your needs.
  • A big leap forward in your operations and processes. Investment Café allows you to provide a higher level of service to investors and prospects quickly and immediately. Benefit from a global pool of the best and brightest minds in alternative asset operations and processes.
  • Easy integration with any back-office. Competing products often integrate only with their own proprietary products. Investment Café lets you incorporate the best in the industry, easily integrating with any back-office, even those outside of the alternative asset industry.
  • Investment Café is so much more than just reporting and fundraising. What about all the processes and information needed after information is released? Who is most likely to fund a capital call late? How do I recall information after release without embarrassing the fund? Checks and balances to protect the fund from mistakes? Dissemination technology, a full contact manager, activity reports, CRM tools and more – it’s all inside Investment Café.

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