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eFront Data Intelligence for Limited Partners

Save time and effort by “outsourcing” the collection and transformation of fund manager data into standard or custom templates

eFront Data Intelligence

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eFront Data Intelligence is a service that enables a limited partner organization to “outsource” all of the time and effort associated with collecting, validating, transforming and organizing quarterly performance data provided to an LP by their numerous fund managers. This is a critical service as GPs typically provide data to their investors in different formats, causing much work for an LP to analyze the performance of their portfolio of alternative investments. By using EIC to perform this service, an LP can spend much more of their valuable resources analyzing performance and optimizing their investment decisions.

eFront Data Intelligence is an important component of eFront’s complete set of solutions for LPs. In the diagram below, EIC is represented by the Data Services box.

eFront solutions for limited partners

eFront solutions for limited partners

EIC enables an LP to obtain accurate data from their fund managers in a standardized format. An LP no longer needs to worry about the format a GP may force upon them for receiving their quarterly performance data. An investor can get right to the business of analyzing the performance data, up to the portfolio level, closer to the end of a reporting period.

EIC employs industry-adopted templates to simplify the work for GPs to create and populate the reports, and for LPs to receive data. Custom data requirements can always be accommodated into a client’s templates, or custom templates can be used.

eFront Data Intelligence can be used with other eFront solutions, or as a stand-alone service to handle all of the effort related to collecting, validating and organizing quarterly performance data from fund managers. EIC uses the LP Investor Portal to securely transfer data FrontInvest or to any other system used for portfolio analysis and back office functions.

eFront Data Intelligence offers the following benefits:

  • Save time and cost by outsourcing labor-intensive data-processing tasks
  • Accelerate the production of fund manager data in order to conduct risk and performance analyses closer to the end of a  reporting period
  • Simplify the management of multiple passwords and account IDs for various GP investor portals
  • Conduct more meaningful analyses with improved data accuracy
  • Increase the speed to be able to make or change investment decisions