WebLP, Electronic Client-Hosted Data Room

A simple solution for streamlining investor interactions 

WebLP is a powerful investor reporting and communication system that enables fund managers to provide investors with a branded experience for accessing investment information.  With WebLP, GPs can easily and securely disseminate information to investors around the world. Using any Web browser, investors can login any time and see, secure, valuable, and timely information about their fund investments.

WebLP is delivered as an on-premise solution, with clients hosting the investor experience on their own infrastructure. For clients who prefer a software-as-a-service (SaaS) model, eFront also offers the premium Investment Café solution.

WebLP provides clients who prefer on-premise solutions with electronic data rooms for both prospective and active investors

WebLP helps GPs improve their value proposition to investors.  GPs can quickly and accurately provide meaningful fund information, while retaining full control over the branding of the site that investors experience. GPs stay in control with the ability to preview results before they are published.

Active investor electronic data rooms

Limited partners can access their own electronic data room through a browser, allowing access to documents, including capital call letters, distribution notices, tax returns, or generated investor reporting. The site permits users to download or print single or multiple documents with the click of a button. Further, the security model in WebLP handles cases where advisors service multiple investors – these users can access all of the appropriate materials for those investors with a single login.

Fundraising data rooms

Prospective investors have their own experience – a dedicated prospective investor room, where they can view documents in a secure fashion. The fundraising data room, along with all aspects of the WebLP portal, retains our clients’ corporate branding.

Investor profiles

Investor information, including contact and wire information, communication preferences, and report distribution information (for capital call letters, distribution letters, and reporting), can all be maintained by the investor, based on their security privileges. Changes in information are reviewed by the GP before finalizing. With this approach, investors are empowered to maintain their own profile information, eliminating a significant administrative burden on the GP, but the GP still retains control.

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