We all want to live in the real world, sure in our ability to distinguish truth and fact from illusion. That’s not always easy. Philosophers from every civilization and across the ages have offered their guidance, but we still we doubt ourselves and our choices, even when considering real estate, which is supposed to be “rock solid.” After all, as the American humorist, Will Rogers said, “Buy land. They ain’t making any more of the stuff.” So, how can we know, when investing in real estate or any other asset, whether we’ve put our money into something solid and dependable, or merely thrown money at a mirage?

This issue of Front Line attacks that question head-on. It examines illiquid real estate, and uses the unique capabilities of Pevara to tease out the facts around the latest real estate boom and bust cycle. We aim here to reveal the truth about the recent performance of this asset class and offer realistic expectations for future performance.

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