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eFront Solutions for Infrastructure and Real Asset Investments

eFront’s infrastructure solutions improve asset management with tailored capabilities and data centralization

The global economic downturn has changed the world of alternative investing, creating new challenges as well as new opportunities. Some asset classes are experiencing significant growth in this environment including Infrastructure.

Infrastructure is a critical part of the global economy, as it supports virtually every type of business imaginable. Further, infrastructure requires maintenance and expansion under the pressures of increased load or demand. Significant reductions in traditional public funding have combined with increased demand to create opportunities for private capital. Investors are seizing these opportunities, investing heavily in current infrastructure, and aggressively seeking new opportunities around the world.

eFront solutions for infrastructure and real assets centralize important asset information onto a single platform giving managers a comprehensive view of their infrastructure and real asset investments. By leveraging the software’s pre-built analytics, fund managers and investors can more effectively manage risks and optimize returns across their entire portfolio.

Fund Administration Software

eFront infrastructure investment solutions

With eFront, fund managers as well as limited partners with direct investments can track all key characteristics of real asset types, including:

  • Physical location and market area
  • Land area metrics
  • Real asset description and photos
  • Parcel and tax reporting information

Fund managers and direct investors can also manage investor and investment financial details, including:

  • Investor ownership stake, bank account info, and complete contact details
  • Business transactions and performance
  • Equity, debt (see FrontLoan) and debt financing
  • Asset financial statements and valuations
  • Cash flow forecasts
  • Costs and capital expenditures

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