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Loan Management Software for Automating Recurring Transactions and Improving Efficiency

Investment managers and firms with mezzanine debt or loan-based investments can benefit from using eFront loan management software solutions for loans/mezzanine debt. These organizations can save time by automating the generation of back-end events and operations related to different loans and debt instruments. Investors and fund managers can easily automate the recurring transactions associated to different loan types, mortgages and bonds spanning any time period.

eFront loan management software solutions for loans and mezzanine debt leverage a powerful calculation engine and are fully integrated into the eFront private equity and real estate solutions. The solution manages all types of interest rates (fixed, adjustable, etc.), time periods and conventions for calculating the number of days in a period.

Use the eFront loan management software solution to save time and reduce the manual effort related to:

  • Managing cash and interest (capitalized) on PIK instruments
  • Managing multiple amortization methods
  • Modeling different scenarios
  • Calculating accrued interest and default interest on arrears
  • Managing fees

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