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eFront Investor Portal Solutions

Giving general partners a competitive advantage, through personalized service to investors

eFront Investor Portals empower general partners to have tighter relationships with their investors, by providing a platform for better servicing investors, while also gaining more control over investor communications, and greater visibility into what investors are actually seeing and using. With our investor portal solutions, GPs can meet investor demands for increased transparency, with instant dissemination of information to investors around the world. See our investor portals page for information about our Investment Café  and WebLP offerings.

eFront has two main investor portal solutions. Investment Café is our industry-leading, hosted investor portal, offering a broad set of functionality that GPs can leverage to better service and better communicate with investors. Investment Café is an advanced investor reporting and communication system. Investors securely login with any web browser, and as soon as the GP has posted it, can access fund information made available by the GP. As a SaaS solution, the headaches of managing the portal technology are taken away, with Investment Café, allowing you to focus on your business.

WebLP is eFront’s on-premise investor portal option, for clients who prefer an in-house solution. With WebLP, GPs can quickly and accurately provide their investors with meaningful fund information, while retaining full control over the content investors see, and the branding of the investors’ experience.

eFront investor portal solutions are comprised of three main modules, which work together to give the GP a means of communicating with investors. Both WebLP and Investment Café provide the basics for each of these modules.  As our premium offering Investment Café includes additional capabilities.

Investor Communications

General partners create online data rooms, which limited partners can access through a browser. These data rooms are used to securely house and provide access to documents such as capital call letters, distribution notices, tax returns, and investor-specific reports. Investor use of this content is auditable and can be centrally controlled.  WebLP is generally used in concert with another eFront solution for GPs, but Investment Café is also popular with clients who are using other solutions for managing their alternative investment operations.

Fund Raising

eFront investor portals are popular not just for managing the communication requirements of GPs for their LPs, but also for communications during the fund raising stage of creating an investment fund. The needs of prospective investors are supported just as readily as active investors, with access to dedicated fund raising data rooms, to house and distribute any documents GPs need to provide to prospective investors, all within a branded online experience.

Contact Management

Investors and prospective investors are all unique, and their preferences and requirements for communications need to be captured and honored. The investor portal solutions from eFront track investor information such as contact and wire information, communication preferences, and report distribution information (for capital call letters, distribution letters, and reporting). This information can be synched from FrontGP or FrontInvest, or in the case of Investment Café, can be sourced from another system or maintained inside Investment Café.

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