Fund Administrators

eFront Solutions for Fund Administrators 

As the alternative investment market evolves, fund administrators face a number of mounting challenges.  Fund managers have ever-increasing demands and expectations, just as their investors make increasing demands.  The global regulatory climate is likewise increasingly demanding, and there are both internal and external demands for timely delivery of reports, no matter what the asset class or how unique the investment.

For the fund administrator, these demands create both operational challenges and increased operating costs. Never before have technology solutions been so important for fund administrators.

eFront solutions help fund administrators manage client operations efficiently, so that they can service the complex needs of their clients while also preserving their operating margins.

Fund Administration Software

eFront solutions for fund administrators

Capabilities include:

  • Broad support for multiple asset classes, allowing eFront to meet the needs of any fund administrator; supported asset classes include private equity, real estate, infrastructure, fund of funds, loans/mezzanine debt and fund of hedge funds
  • Comprehensive fund management that can support the most sophisticated fund structures
  • Management and partnership accounting with a full general ledger accounting system
  • Complete investor management and contact management to facilitate investor reporting
  • The ability to Track and manage underlying portfolio data, enabling reporting, acounting and other key functions
  • Portfolio modeling and cash flow analysis to predict capital requirements and ensure the funds can meet their operational needs
  • Sophisticated reporting with formatted PDFs, data export to Microsoft Excel, and dynamic dashboards for real-time analysis
  • The ability to configure business workflows and the user interface to meet the each client’s specific requirements

eFront fund administration software solutions offer additional features such as:

  • Flexible and secure Web-based client reporting
  • Complete segregation of data
  • Auditable processes

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