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Fund of Funds managers face many challenges.  They have the same operational needs as any alternative asset investor, analyzing and benchmarking the performance of the funds in which they invest.  And as they’re managing funds, they must analyze and report on their own fund performance, while working with very large volumes of data.  They typically must manage other investors’ participation in their funds, which adds additional complexity in investor reporting, communications, notice distributions, and cash flow management.

Reporting is key for Fund of Funds managers, as investors demand detailed information about their investments, down to the individual assets held by a fund.  The Fund of Funds manager needs to dive deeper into exposure information, cash flow forecasting, and asset-level KPIs, and provide insights that prove they are delivering higher performance.

Fund management and investor management software must help a Fund of Fund manager meet these needs while also helping them streamline the operational demands of their business.

eFront Funds of Fund Solutions deliver these capabilities:

Fund Administration Software

eFront solutions for fund of funds

Fund Management Solutions simplify and streamline core fund management, investor allocation, financial statement generation, and Fund Accounting.  Core capabilities include FATCA and other regulatory compliance, internal process compliance, risk management, cash flow forecasting, accounting, and generation of ILPA reports.

Investor Management Solutions enable tighter relationships with investors and superior reporting through Contact ManagementInvestor Relations Management, and the Investment Café™ and WebLP portals for your investors.

Investor Services (EIS) eliminate the substantial work of collecting quarterly reports from GPs and then transforming and organizing the data into a format that works for you and your investors. Use eFront to do all of that busy work and to streamline the collection of data via the LP Investor Portal (EIP).

Fund Raising Solutions centralize the process and data for managing a fund raising pipeline.  Gain insights and transparency into fundraising activity with activity dashboards and analytics to better understand prospect interest levels.

Deal Team Solutions manage investment activity into funds using Deal Flow Management.  Automate the creation and management of investment opportunities with configurable workflows by asset class.

Portfolio Management Solutions analyze a portfolio of funds to get an overall picture of investment performance.  Funds of funds can analyze their investments at the fund level, or drill down into the underlying portfolio companies and properties held by a fund.  See Portfolio Management and Portfolio Monitoring for more detail.


  • Improve liquidity management, with superior stakeholder reporting
  • Save time and effort by outsourcing the collection, validation and transformation of quarterly investment data
  • Simplify risk management, with calculation of return/performance indicators, cash flow indicators, quantitative and qualitative scoring, cash flow forecasting for portfolio building and simulation
  • Optimize returns using pre-built portfolio analytics capabilities to evaluate and manage multiple asset classes
  • Quickly create portfolio reports, with consolidated views of fund commitments and capital account activity
  • Assess performance more accurately with tailored Pevara private equity benchmarks

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