General Partners

Front-to-Back Office Solutions for General Partners and Fund Managers

eFront solutions for general partners enable fund managers of any size to optimize all aspects of managing their investment operations. Our front-to-back office solutions help GPs manage and monitor portfolios of private equity, real estate, infrastructure and other alternative investment asset classes, as well as manage investors and their relationships and communications with investors. eFront solutions for GPs automate difficult and often error-prone tasks, such as issuing capital call notices, managing investor allocations & fees, and closing financial periods.

General Partners that use eFront solutions increase their teams’ productivity, improve investor satisfaction, and gain much greater insight into their alternative investment operations and investment performance. GPs can use eFront solutions for portfolio monitoring, quickly gathering portfolio company data, and securing it in a single place. Middle office teams can use it with confidence, to calculate valuations, run performance analyses, respond to investor inquiries, and more.

General partners can use eFront solutions to comply with requirements that have been strengthened or introduced by such regulatory frameworks as FATCA and AIFMD. Click here to learn how our solutions can help you comply with today’s regulations, while preparing you for the requirements of tomorrow.

eFront solutions for GPs are organized into three groups:

 eFront solutions for general partners

eFront offers two main solutions for GPs; FrontInvest and FrontGP. FrontGP is our main offering for general partners. The next evolution of the AnalytX technology, FrontGP offers general partners of all sizes and levels of sophistication with the capabilities they need to automate their private equity operations. FrontGP is a cost-effective and extremely compelling solution for most GPs investing in alternative assets.

FrontInvest is our high-end solution for general partners who prefer a more bespoke solution. FrontInvest provides a sophisticated means for managing all aspects of a GPs operations, throughout the entire fund investment cycle.  It is a best-of-breed solution for clients with more challenging requirements, offering a more extensive range of optional modules, and a typically higher degree of customization.

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