Limited Partners

Data Collection, Portfolio Management and Analysis Solutions for Limited Partners

A trend among Limited Partners is to increase their allocation to alternative investments. They are also demanding greater insights into those investments from their fund managers.
eFront solutions for LPs enable pension funds, family offices, insurance companies, sovereign wealth funds, endowments and other Limited Partner organizations to optimize the management of their alternative investments, and gain exposure and performance insights into their portfolios like never before.

LP organizations using eFront solutions can save time and effort by eliminating data collection and entry tasks, enabling them to focus on high-value activities by leveraging powerful reporting and analysis tools to make better investment decisions more quickly.

eFront Solutions for LPs are organized into three groups.

eFront solutions for limited partners

eFront solutions for Limited Partners

  • Portal solutions leverage a secure, internet-based portal to efficiently communicate with and quickly obtain data from multiple fund managers.
  • Data services effectively “outsource” the labor-intensive and time-consuming tasks related to the collection, validation, and transformation of quarterly fund manager data into standardized templates or custom formats.
    • To learn why the largest LPs trust eFront Investor Cloud to manage these data services, click here.
  • End-to-end solutions enable LPs to optimize investment strategies, maximize performance, and gain transparency into deal flow, portfolio management and back office functions.
    • Investment solutions provide Contact Management and Investment Deal Flow Management capabilities designed specifically for alternative investments.
    • Portfolio analysis solutions enable LPs to gain insights into their private equity, real estate, fund of funds, and other investments, and make optimal investment decisions with several core eFront capabilities:
    • Back Office solutions to add rigor, scalability and repeatability to the financial management process with fund holdings and transactions management, and investment accounting functionality.

A modular approach- LPs can choose the capabilities that make sense for their needs and priorities, starting with a core module and expanding with additional modules when needed. This flexibility enables an LP to improve one aspect of their operations, or to embrace a complete front-to-back solution.

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