Sovereign Wealth Funds

eFront Solutions for Sovereign Wealth Funds

eFront Sovereign Wealth Funds solutions offer a flexible, integrated platform for managing all aspects of an alternative investment portfolio across multiple asset types including private equity, real estate, fund of funds, fund of hedge funds, infrastructure and loans/mezzanine.

Eliminate the substantial work of collecting quarterly reports from multiple GPs and then transforming and organizing the data into a format that works for you. Use eFront to do all of that busy work, enabling you to focus on portfolio and investment analysis.

Sovereign Wealth Funds can closely manage fund commitments, cash flows and underlying portfolio company data as well as the due diligence processes involved with evaluating new investment opportunities and new managers. A company can use our sovereign wealth fund software solution to create or upload transactional data and valuations from their fund managers and portfolio companies, perform waterfall and cash-flow analysis, monitor risk and exposure and integrate with third party data providers to seamlessly obtain market and benchmark data as well as information from a custodian or other provider. Because this rich set of data can be assessed across funds and at the portfolio company level, the SWF has the visibility to improve risk control and performance measurement across assets.

For advanced analysis and reporting, the eFront Sovereign Wealth Fund software solution can use a wide range of dynamic dashboards to analyze asset, fund and portfolio level data with real time slice-and-dice capabilities and easily create presentation quality reports.

Personnel can also access eFront data solutions from directly within familiar applications such as Microsoft Excel in order to format data for additional analysis.

eFront’s Sovereign Wealth Fund software solutions are ideal for organizations looking to use a single pre-configured product, or a complete end-to-end solution, with the ability to make configurations in order to meet unique requirements.

Sovereign Wealth Funds using eFront solutions will realize the following benefits:

  • Make better investment decisions more quickly
  • Save time and effort by outsourcing the collection, validation and transformation of quarterly investment data
  • Quickly provide reports to the management committee and other relevant parties
  • Optimize cash flow with powerful cash-flow forecasting and liquidity analysis tools
  • Ensure adherence to investment exposure mandates
  • Better assess performance with tailored private equity benchmarks
  • Save time and effort by managing multiple asset types in a single solution

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