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Private Equity Software Solutions for Direct and Indirect Investments

Private equity funds and investors are able to manage their businesses and gain investment insights like never before

Private equity investors and managers face increasingly complex investment structures, regulatory requirements and rigorous analysis demands. They need a private equity software solution to more efficiently navigate this challenging investment environment.

eFront software solutions for private equity offer an integrated, web-based approach for optimizing the management of both direct and indirect investments in private equity.

Private Equity Software

eFront solutions for private equity

eFront Private Equity software solutions help firms automate and streamline their operations while reducing risk, saving time, improving investor communication, and delivering powerful insights.

For General Partners

With eFront end-to-end private equity software solutions, General Partners can optimize their front office operations including fund raising and deal flow management, as well as their back office operations including fund management and accounting, fee allocation and financial reporting. GPs can also easily tracks the performance of portfolio companies (portfolio management) and view performance information at any level of a fund’s investment structure.

Use the portfolio monitoring solution (see the FrontPM page) to quickly gather portfolio company data, secure it in a single location, and enable different teams to confidently use it to calculate valuations, run performance analyses and much more.

eFront solutions for private equity also include integrated web portals to facilitate the secure communication of financial and non-financial information between investments, the GPs and their Limited Partner investors.

For Limited Partners

Pension Funds, Family Offices, Sovereign Wealth Funds and more.

eFront enables detailed analysis of private equity investments with dynamic dashboards, delivering insights into performance, exposure and adherence to investment mandates. LPs can perform these analyses in real time, without having to wait days or weeks for third parties to pull data and run the reports for them. And, in order to better manage liquidity and both cash requirements and commitments, investors can forecast future cash flows across all private equity fund investments and managers.

eFront Investor Services saves an LP time and effort by “outsourcing” the collection, transformation and updating of fund manager data into standardized templates or custom formats. And, the eFront LP Investor Portal (EIP) offers a secure platform to efficiently communicate with and quickly obtain data from fund managers located around the world.

eFront also offers powerful private equity benchmarking (see the Pevara product page) which can be custom-weighted to match the composition of a specific fund or portfolio for an even more accurate comparative assessment.

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