March 19th, 2019 at 4pm CET (10am EST)

With record levels of dry powder and continuous rise in deal multiples, the ability of private markets to continue with generating exceptionally strong performance is facing a number of challenges. In our recent publication, we identified some of the core competency areas within the private markets investment cycle of the limited partner institutions that leave the most room for improvement in performance of this segment of their portfolios. 

We discuss these potential directions in the search for Alpha in the realm of private markets together with:

David Arcauz: Managing Partner, Flexstone Partners
Cyril Demaria: Head of Private Markets, Wellershoff & Partners
Elias Korosis: Partner, Hermes GPE
Eric Malley, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, MG Capital

Marija Djordjevic: eFront, Research Manager (Moderator)

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