Paris, July 8, 2019 – eFront, the world’s leading alternative investment management software and solutions provider, announced today that Skandia Fonder, a Swedish mutual fund company, has successfully implemented eFront Invest to centralize and automate its back-office operations and investor reporting.

The adoption of eFront Invest has allowed Skandia Fonder to increase security through dual control, automate both the data entry and tracking of crucial investment data, enhance reporting capabilities, and free up key personnel to focus on more strategic activities.

Benefiting from a seamless onboarding process of only 23 days, Skandia Fonder has taken advantage of eFront’s “out-of-the-box” solutions in order to improve productivity and gain greater flexibility. With the ability to provide consistent, high-quality data, the selected modules are designed to better manage investments, generate more powerful reports, and improve the tracking of investor activity.

Tommy Persson Levin, CFO and Portfolio Manager at Skandia Fonder AB, commented, “We knew that eFront Invest was a powerful tool that could fulfill all our needs, which has been confirmed with the great results we have achieved since its adoption. We now have a much better layout and flexibility, while the implementation was a really quick and smooth process. We were impressed with eFront’s professionalism, extensive industry knowledge, and support during the project.”

Philippe Verboogen, EMEA Managing Director at eFront, added, “We are pleased that Skandia Fonder has chosen eFront Invest for the administration of their alternative investment funds. By selecting our out-of-the-box solution and adhering to the suggested best practices, the company has really benefited from the fast implementation time and has experienced immediate results in such crucial facets of its operations.”

About Skandia Fonder AB
Skandia Fonder AB is a Swedish mutual fund company with a total AuM of around 9 billion EUR. Skandia Fonder manages both UCITS funds and Alternative Investment Funds in Sweden and Luxembourg. It conducts its business in a responsible manner to ensure good returns and to contribute to sustainable value creation.

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