An international comparison of major markets

It is our pleasure to present the latest edition of eFront’s Global Private Equity Performance Series. This report details the development and performance progression of venture capital and LBO funds across the major national and regional geographies that constitute the global private equity industry.

The Series tracks these markets across multiple dimensions, including their risk, return, maturity and liquidity profiles. As such, it presents an unparalleled public insight into an otherwise private investment domain.

We are publishing this edition in a world that has seen unprecedented shutdowns of economic activity, not to mention social interaction. One of the interesting things about an asset class comprised largely of closed-ended funds is that there are always two sides to the coin. Major market shocks also spell opportunity for those with dry powder or the ability to raise new funds. In the current dataset, the internet crash and the global financial crisis marked a watershed in the behavior and profile of funds. We may yet see something of this nature as we move through the coming post-pandemic years.

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