An International Comparison of Major Markets


Welcome to this special report on the risk and return characteristics of major private equity and venture capital markets globally, part of eFront’s Global Private Equity Performance Series. This study represents, to the best of our knowledge, the most comprehensive publicly available analysis of returns, risk and liquidity among private equity’s main geographies.
But this is not meant to be a definitive report. It is more an essay, an attempt to draw reasonable conclusions from historic data, using the most powerful data analytics available on the market, from eFront Insight.

Private markets do not offer precise or timely information, and the nature of closed-ended funds introduces other complexities. These challenges are opportunities for those willing to invest the time in truly understanding the idiosyncrasies and stages of evolution in different geographic markets. In analysing private markets, there are rarely any right answers, only good questions. eFront Insight helps the world’s leading institutional investors to ask them. I hope you find what follows illuminating and inspiring in your own search for the risk and return profile that suits your organisation.

Best wishes,
Tarek Chouman

Fig. 1 – Risk (5%) and return (IRR) analysis of private equity funds by geographical area


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