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eFront ERM is a risk management solution that serves companies in the financial, industrial and services sectors, as well as insurance companies. In 2019, eFront was acquired by BlackRock. Since then, eFront operates as a specialized business unit within BlackRock Solutions alongside Aladdin Institutional and Aladdin Wealth.


  • eFront was founded in 1999 as a technology platform aiming to quickly and efficiently develop vertical enterprise software applications.

  • From 1999 through 2002, eFront continued to expand its focus, creating multiple vertical enterprise software applications in various areas including expense management, timesheets, and CRM.

  • Guided by CDC Innovation (eFront’s investor at the time), eFront created and launched Front Venture, its first software solution dedicated to venture capital investors.

  • From 2003 through 2008, eFront continued to refine its focus, evolving towards a specialization in alternative investment software solutions focusing on fund administration.

  • eFront’s client base continued to grow internationally, expanding to more than 100 clients.

  • eFront went public with an IPO on Alternext, signaling the next phase in its development and empowering eFront to begin building an international presence through global offices.

  • From 2006 through 2015, eFront solidified its presence in and strategical focus on alternative investment needs through product development and organic scope extensions while continuing to expand internationally.

  • eFront’s client base continued to grow globally, expanding to more than 200 clients across 28 countries.

  • eFront was acquired by Francisco Partners, marking a new phase in eFront’s strategic development, characterized by acquisitions with a focus on North America.

  • eFront acquired DMLT, the developer of the Investment Café investor portal (now called eFront Investment Café) allowing eFront to expand its features and capabilities throughout the investment life cycle.

  • eFront acquired AnalytX, the developer of the Private Equity Office solution now known as eFront PEO/VC, solidifying its solution offerings for private equity investors.

  • eFront’s client base expanded to 300 clients across 39 countries serviced by 17 offices around the world.

  • eFront Portfolio Monitoring was officially launched, offering an innovative approach to portfolio company data collection and direct investment monitoring.

  • eFront was acquired by Bridgepoint, marking a new phase in eFront’s strategic development characterized by product development and the integration and optimization of previous acquisitions.

  • eFront Data Intelligence (previously named eFront Investor Cloud) and eFront ESG were both launched, reinforcing eFront’s position as a pioneering leader in alternative investment data collection.

  • eFront reorganized its product offerings with a streamlined solution suite. In order to support its growing product suite and client base, eFront expanded to more than 600 employees.

  • eFront VaR was officially launched, offering a powerful approach to value-at-risk measurement.

  • eFront Insight was officially launched, with the mission of streamlining exchanges between general and limited partners.

  • eFront refreshed its corporate image with completely new branding, supporting eFront’s message as it continued to grow over 2018.

  • In 2019, eFront was acquired by BlackRock and began operating as a specialized business unit within BlackRock Solutions, alongside Aladdin Institutional and Aladdin Wealth.

eFront ERM mission statement

Making Enterprise Risk Management more rewarding

Our mission is to transform the way organisations manage operational risks.

We turn risk management into a joyful and high value-add activity that becomes core to the business.

We make operational risk, control, audit and compliance managers successful.

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