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eFront ERM is a specialized solution that focuses on Enterprise Risk Management across all of its components. From its inception 20 years ago, eFront ERM has been dedicated to serving the needs of risk, control and internal audit managers.

5 Reasons to Choose eFront ERM

A complete, modular solution
eFront ERM is a RMIS solution. Its flexibility makes it possible to simply activate modules as required, and then expand functional coverage as needs evolve.
Deep levels of expertise
With over 20 years of experience, eFront ERM offers a cutting-edge RMIS technology solution in compliance with regulatory requirements (Basel II, Solvency II, etc.).
Easy to deploy / turnkey solution
With eFront ERM Ready, we offer a standard, pre-configured and ready-to-use solution that integrates best practices of ERM activity and which can be deployed in a few weeks.
Trustworthy partner
Integrated with BlackRock Solutions, eFront relies on more than 3,500 developers. This is a guarantee of security and the assurance eFront ERM will constantly evolve.
Highly-configurable, yet standard
Thanks to an easily configurable platform, eFront ERM makes it possible to meet the needs of organizations in terms of risk management methodology and control operations.

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